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Bletchley Park: The home of the Codebreakers

This tour will take you back in time to the 1940’s and the Second World War. This unique house played a major part in the War as it was the secret home of the British Codebreakers. Your guide will explain the codebreaking huts as you stroll from one to the other. There are also hands on displays for each of your group to try out. He will take you through the historic Mansion building, explaining each room as you go. Why not take a wander around the classic gardens. Besides the buildings tour, your guide will tell you stories of the extraordinary work and achievements of the men and women that worked here during those years. People like Alan Turing the British scientist who helped crack the Enigma code. He also pioneered the modern computer and started work on Artificial Intelligence.

This tour is a wonderful day out, and a must for the whole family to enjoy.

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