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007 James Bond London Film Location Tour

(with Thames Jet or Bond in Motion Options)

How would you like to be James Bond for a few hours, well now you can live your dream...

This tour is For your eyes only as you could Die another day so if the World is not enough you can always Skyfall your way down to Golden eye and ask The man with the golden gun to take you on this taxi tour.

“Shaken but not stirred” we will enter the world of James Bond. See Ian Flemings house, MI6, MI5. We shall visit James Bond film location sites all around town. We shall also find out about real spies and how they worked and where they met. This is a fun packed family friendly tour taking in the Sites of London and the man himself James Bond. See the shops where Bond has his shirts made, his cigarettes, and of course where he would buy his suits and hats. Not forgetting as a military man we shall see where his uniforms were made. Stand outside Blades Fencing Club, Le Circle Casino, The Hotel Europe, and lots more. Real spies play a big part of this tour as well. We shall see drop zones and meeting places, homes and offices of spies that lived and worked around London. We shall see just how close film spies and real spies worked. Did you know that St Petersburg Square were scenes in London? We will visit the bar where the first shaken but stirred drink was served, the flat where Bond lives in Spcetre. Besides all of this there is a wealth of Locations that we will stop at for photos, where your guide will explain from what Bond film they came from. We would tell you more, but it is TOP SECRET !!

Tour Options

Option 1

You now can change direction should you wish, as we can finish the tour at the Bond in Motion Exhibition. Here you can explore and see every Bond car and gadget. Possible. This is an option and the exhibition does have an entry charge.

Option 2

If this was not enough See More Taxi Tours and Thames Jet have a working partnership to help you enjoy more of James Bond.

We will end your tour at a pier on the river Thames where you can change transport for the second Bond tour

Thames Jet

For the next 50 minutes you can be James Bond on the River Thames. At the speed you will be travelling you’ll appreciate the waterproof clothing we provide for your high speed tour of the Thames! Slow it won’t be…Our Jet boats are military grade boats and more maneuverable (yes ours are built to the same specification as those used by the military and police). Our experienced skippers really know how to put them through their paces to give you the aquabatic ride of your life! Our trip will take us past some of London’s most iconic sights. You will need to stay alert because the sights really do come thick and fast on this stretch of the river. We’ll pass under ten of the Capital’s great bridges including the most modern, the Millennium Bridge, as well as the world renowned Tower Bridge. Then as we head towards Canary Wharf hang on tight because the high speed action starts here… Now, we would tell you more, but it’s a secret so the only way to find out is to come on the tour. This is a family friendly tour.

This whole fantastic Thames Jet experience is 50 minutes in duration

Adults £39.00 each
Children (9-16) £28.00 each
Gamily Tickets 2 Adults

All Thames Jet Tickets are subject to availability.

DISCLAIMER: Any James Bond Tours operated by See More Taxi Tours and Thames Jet are not official events and not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported, directly or indirectly by EON Productions, MGM, United Artists or Danjaq or other studios connected with films featured on this tour, nor The James Bond book publishers or the estate of Ian Fleming. All rights to the series of “James Bond” books are the property of the estate of Ian Fleming.

£399 - £475
Per Taxi

4-5 Hours

Up to 6

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